COVID-19 precautions are to be reintroduced immediately

Friday, 1 January 2021


Dear Aberlea Community,


We have been advised today by the State Government that certain COVID-19 precautions are to be reintroduced immediately.

Firstly, all staff and visitors are to wear face masks and eye protection. Eyeglasses will be available at the screening station.

Secondly, visitor restrictions will return to 1 visitor per resident per day for a maximum of 2 hours.

We will reintroduce an appointment schedule to help manage the flow of visitors.

Visitors will continue to be screened upon entry, we also ask that visitors sign the “Visitor Exit Log” at the front door upon leaving the building.  Please return your eyeglasses to the signposted box at the front door.

Exemptions to the visitation restrictions may be agreed to in exceptional circumstances.

Please contact the Resident Liaison Officer Debi McAuliffe on 0475 055394 to arrange visitation times.

We appreciate the support and understanding of the entire Aberlea community while we implement these mandated precautions.


Many thanks,
Phil Irvine

Director of Care
Aberlea Inc.
0447 626563

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