Independent Living Units

In 2008, the first of a series of public meetings were held in Timboon to establish the level of interest in a retirement complex.

Those meetings were well attended and demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm in the community.

Following this meeting, Aberlea Inc. became involved and the plan was put into place to develop and construct a high quality retirement facility on the block of land at Baxter Street in Timboon.

Aberlea Timboon is a subcommittee of Aberlea Inc. The facility is now well underway and the vision will be a larger sustainable facility providing a variety of independent living options for the aged in Timboon.

This facility currently consists of four, two bedroom units and plans to commence construction of unit five and six are well underway.

These units are built by donations and proceeds of fundraising by the Timboon community. We have a hard working committee in Timboon and it’s great to see the hard work becoming the reality.

Brumley Mortlake

In 1995, the local Society took over the ownership and management of 10 independent living units known as the ‘Dan Brumley Homes’, from the Trust Company of Australia.

These units had been established and left to the community of Mortlake for aged care accommodation by the Estate of Dan Brumley, a long term Mortlake resident.

The Board has planned and is proceeding to refurbish the Dan Brumley Homes as they become available.

This will further provide independent residents with a modern, convenient unit which will be able to accommodate single people or couples.

Abbeyfield Mortlake Independent Living