COVID-19 update | July 17

Aberlea Mortlake COVID-19 Face Masks

17 July 2020

Dear Aberlea community,

I write to provide an update on the current Covid-19 prevention measures in place at Aberlea. Please be assured that the safety of everyone at Aberlea is our paramount concern.

As you will be aware there has been an alarming increase in COVID-19 numbers in metropolitan Melbourne, after a brief period of relative calm. Unfortunately, several aged care facilities have been affected. Given this backdrop, along with a small number of cases in our region, I write to reiterate our current measures and highlight some additional protections as of today.

I once again ask you all to seriously consider the purpose of any visit and if at this point of time it could be facilitated by another means? We will continue to try and limit the number of people accessing the site. I also ask you to consider where you have personally travelled in the weeks prior to your visit and seriously consider if you may have been exposed to Covid-19.

Face Masks:

Minister Hunt has today announced that all workers in Victorian aged care facilities will be required to wear masks. This instruction will be enacted and implemented as directed. Phil Irvine, Director of Care will communicate with you all regarding the specifics of the implementation.

In line with the above announcement, we will now be requiring that all visitors to Aberlea wear a provided face mask. Please also see attached some information on the use of face masks.


It is strongly recommended that each resident only receive one visit per day. This visit can be by a group of no more than two people. Please keep your visit as brief as is practical. We suggest no more than 30 minutes.
Visits continue to be facilitated through prior appointment only. Deb McAuliffe has this week contacted all those with approved visitation plans to discuss your ongoing visiting arrangements. She can further be contacted directly on 0475055394 with any other queries in relation to visitation.

Entry Screening:

We will continue to screen everyone who enters Aberlea. This includes staff, visitors, and contractors. Anybody who has symptoms of respiratory illness or has signs of cold or flu such as a fever, cough, muscle ache or sore throat will not be permitted to enter. We thank you all for your cooperation and patience in participating in this important process.

Social Distancing:

Everybody is required to observe social distancing by staying 1.5 metres apart from others whilst at Aberlea. To that end visits can only take place in private rooms or outside, not in communal areas. Once again, we ask that visiting times are kept to a minimum.

Influenza Vaccinations:

Proof of having received the flu vax must also be provided before entry. The Federal Government have advised that people who have not been vaccinated for influenza are not permitted to enter aged care facilities.

I once again thank you for your continued support during these challenging and changing times. If you have any queries on any matter related to the above, please contact the senior nursing team or me directly.

Kind Regards,

David Knight
Chief Executive Officer

Please view the latest ‘Residential aged care: restrictions on entry, contractors and visitors’ document from the DHHS by clicking here.

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